Marco Polo & Ibn Battuta

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1. Marco Polo is said to be one of the most decorated travelers of his time. Himself along with his father and uncle traveled to many different places most notably China. The Polo's were also very intelligent in speaking many different languages and dialects. They landed in the court of Kubilai Khan in about 1275. There they had a very extended stay which lasted about 20 years. To ensure passage through out Asia on their journeys Khan gave them a golden tablet which was basically a VIP pass. It provided them with food, horses and places to sleep along trips. It appeared as though Polo was interested in the different resources such as coal, and the vast amount of diversity the Asian continent had to offer.

Ibn Battuta may be one of the most overlooked travels of his time. It is said that he traveled over 75,000 miles in his life time.

He was a very well educated Muslim and scholar. During his voyage his was constantly in the company of other Muslims making it a more comfortable environment to travel with. Ibn's journey began as a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1225, following this trip he continued to travel for the next 29 years or so. He traveled through every Muslim empire stretching from Europe to China. Like Polo Battuta was also seeking the differences in culture, politics, personalities, and geography. Needless to say he found all of this and then some in his 29 years of traveling.

2. Ibn Battuta filled many of the gaps in the local chronicles of his time with his interesting observations and personal impressions of the people he had encountered during his travels. Marco Polo's accuracy of keeping time and mapping the different regions he visited paved the way for travelers many years...