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Q1. What are the key differences between Sony's and Bacro's strategies as far as their product roll out is concerned prior to Aug 1989 in the projector market (that is, you need to compare and contrast the chronological order and the scan rate/prices/other features of the models that both players introduced in the market prior to Aug 1989)? Why is it that both players were playing such different strategies prior to Aug 1989?

Barco launched its first projector BV1 (scan rate of 16 kHz & priced at $11,250) in video segment in 1982. But soon Barco decided to enter the computer applications market and by the end of 1983 launched BD1 (scan rate of 16 to 18 kHz & priced at $13,500) in data segment. In 1984 Barco introduced two more projectors BV2 (scan rate of 16 to 18 kHz & priced at $9,875) and BD2 (scan rate of 16 to 25 kHz and priced at $14,750) in video and data segment respectively.

1985 saw the entrance of Sony in the industrial projection market with its 1020 video model in comparison to Barco's launch of BD3 (scan rate of 16 - 32 kHz & priced at $17,000). Sony launched its VPH1031 (scan rate of 16 to 35 kHz & priced at $10,500).

In June 1987, first graphics projector was introduced BG400 (scan rate up to 72 kHz, initially priced at $25,000 and later reduced to $24,000). In 1987 Barco also introduced BD400 (scan rate of 16 to 45 kHz & priced at $14,500) and immediately next year came out with BD600 (scan rate of 16 to 45 kHz & priced at $12,000) and BV600 (scan rate 16 kHz & priced at $8,750)

Barco's main strategy was to work in niche markets and they believed that complexity of the application...