"Managing a Crisis using PR": Simulation Summary

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"Managing a Crisis using PR" simulation illustrates the use of public relations to develop a public relations plan and how to use various tools to manage a crisis. The simulation also helps the reader to formulate strategies to manage a crisis and make the most effective decisions and use the best PR tools to communicate with the publics. The following questions deal with how I dealt with the crisis facing American Wattage Corporation, who is the main focus of the simulation.

What does proactive planning mean?

Proactive planning is the opposite of reactive. Acting reactively means acting on a situation when it happens and solving a crisis that way. Proactive planning is the concept of planning ahead of an actual event or emergency. Being proactive provides an organization from being over-run by an event or emergency that can potentially damage a company. Having plans and procedures in place will help an organization cope with a situation.

What feedback mechanism would you develop in this situation?

Developing a system of polls and surveys helps to identify current attitudes and track changes in attitude. Knowing what the relevant publics, especially customers, think of a company's product or image will determine what message is sent out by the organization. Creating a fact finding team ensures that the company does not have to depend on the media or other unreliable sources for information.

What is an ineffectual way of developing this plan? Give some examples of what not to do in this situation.

The most ineffective way for an organization to deal with a crisis is to do nothing. By not lending their voice to an issue, an organization will allow the relevant publics to fill in the blanks on their own. Another ineffective way of dealing with a crisis would be to...