Management control of project - "Northeast Research Laboratory"

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Presentation of the two cases "Northeast Research Laboratory" and " Modern Aircraft Company"

Northeast Research Laboratory

1. What if any, additional information did Lacy need to reach his own conclusion about the project?

Assuming that the question is about reaching a conclusion after that the project has failed the only thing we could think of is that Lacy should have some more information from project team member about the informal difficulties of the project. Why were they lacking motivation? What did they think about a client being involved in the project to such a degree? We believe that having this kind of information would add the issue another dimension, making Lacy's picture of the project failure more adequate.

2. Suggest steps that should be considered to lessen the likelihood that a similar situation would develop in the future.

The approach we have chosen to answer the question is to first identify the factors that contributed to the failure of the project and then suggest the corresponding steps that could lessen the likelihood that a similar situation would happen again.

Consequently, the reasons to the failure that we would like to point out are:

* Project proposal did not correspond to the dignity of the project

* Personal interests affecting the scope of the project. In this particular case there was a question of a client's personal interests, which leads us to another aspect, namely NRL letting clients involve themselves into the process of the execution of the project.

* Responsibility ambiguities

* Lack of corrective action in real time

* Lack of motivation among team members

* Failure in identifying the nature of the project. The project was a gigh risk project and should have been treated that way.

Based on what has been said above we would like to...