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Managers are faced with many issues or challenges in today's organizations as they carry out the management functions of planning, organizing, leading and controlling. Being a manager is an extremely tough. New managers and new mothers share the same new last name, superhero. Everyone expects so much, however so little is given in return. Mangers are given a list of duties, which they are responsible for fulfilling. The sad thing is that duties come with little or no instructions. Managers are expected to know everything, even if they were not given all of the answer. Mangers also have tremendous responsibilities. They are responsible for themselves and others. When tasks are completed accurately or deadlines are met, managers are applauded. When deadlines are not met or tasks are incomplete, managers are ridiculed. Managers are often viewed as handymen. They are expected to be able to fix anything that is not working in any organization.

The sad thing about most managers is that they are not compensated for the level of stress caused upon them. Organizations must deal with issues faced by today's managers.

Frontline managers are individuals responsible for the work of non-supervisory employees'. There are about 125,000 frontline managers, yet there are many more employees with supervisory responsibilities. The U.S. Merit Systems Protection Board (2001, 2003) surveyed federal workers and found that many employees believe their supervisors have relatively good technical skills but lower management skills. Federal agencies tend to hire at the entry level, which places greater emphasis on the applicant's technical skills, whereas U.K. agencies tend to hire at the entry level, which places greater emphasis on management skills (October, 2005). Frontline managers are also expected to communicate their organization's vision, lead change, build high-performing work teams, and coach and mentor employees-all while coping with enormous changes. The...