What makes a great leader?

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Leadership has and always will be a key part of organizational success. Leadership takes on an even greater importance in today's world. Without strong leadership from enough people, organizations rarely have success in a turbulent world. Furthermore, everywhere we look today it seems we are constantly seeking people to be leaders. We want the strongest, most qualified persons to lead our businesses, our communities, our governments and our nation. A good leader must be able to communicate effectively, make tough decisions, and have a vision.

First of all, one of the most essential qualities to becoming a successful leader is having the ability to communicate effectively. A leader must be able to convey his ideas to diverse individuals and adjust their styles to meet the needs of the people they lead. A business cannot accomplish any of its goals without the collaboration of the entire office. A leader must be able to effectively get his ideas across to his co-workers day in and day out in order to be successful.

Not only that, a great leader must acquire the ability to make tough decisions no matter what the risk may be. He can not be concerned with how others will look at him based on a decision. A great leader must have confidence in himself as well as his abilities to lead effectively. He should recognize the costly penalty that indecision can have on an organization, and avoids that situation at all costs.

Finally, a great leader must be able to look ahead and have a vision. This vision includes the goals they intend to accomplish as well as a strategic plan to reach their goals at all costs. Although not all future goals can be accomplished, a great leader should have a pretty clear picture of what he/she hopes...