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Modele D'elite is a cosmetic line that last 24 hours without touch-up or reapplication. Our line which is inspired by French couture fashion and unique beauty consist of La Femme Foundation, Sparkle Dust Pressed and Loose Powder, Lady Wink Eye Shadow, Lulu eye liner, Bella's Mascara and Kiss Me Lip Gloss. The purpose of this product is to be able to go through the entire day and night without ever having to worry about fixing or reapplying your make-up. We know how busy our clients are and they don't have time to wake up and do their make up for work then again before going out at night, which is why Modele D'elite was made not to smudge, rub, or smear off for up to 24 hours. Ladies can feel suave, sophisticated and flawless where ever they are. Our line will start off here at high end department stores in San Diego then spread out toward Los Angeles and in the future becoming available on the east coast and globally.

Our products will be packaged using our main colors which consist of rosy pink, pearl white, and jet black.


-To create a name and image for Modele D'elite in Southern California department stores including: Los Angeles, San Diego, Orange County, and Malibu.

- To increase sales within 3 years by 50%.

- To differentiate Modele D'elite from other beauty lines as one the first and leading 24 hour make up lines.

- To build a strong and satisfied clientele and keep them coming back.

- To have a professional and knowledge group of make up artist at every counter.

Target market

Our target market is young professional women ages 21 to 40 who have an active lifestyle and has no time in their everyday life to apply...