How to make an Origami frog.

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Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding that has been practiced for hundreds of years. One basic animal is the frog.

To make a frog you will need a square piece of paper. You can also use higher quality origami paper.

First, with the colored side of the paper facing down fold the paper in half. Second, fold the paper in the opposite direction. Third, unfold the last fold you made to form two squares within the rectangle. Fourth, push in the side of the top square and fold down to make a triangle. Fifth, fold the bottom of the paper to the bottom of the triangle . Sixth, pull out the sides of the bottom the paper to form a boat shape. Seventh, fold down the corners of the bottom of the boat to form the back set of legs. Then fold the points of the top of the boat upward to form the front set of legs.

Now you have the basic body of your forming frog. Next, fold bottom portion of the frogs body to the top portion. Finally, fold the bottom portion of the frogs body half way

back to form a stair shape in the middle of the frogs body.

To make your frog jump, push down on the middle crease so that the frog is flat on the surface and release quickly. Your frog will spring into the air!

Experiment with different kinds of paper. Thicker paper tends to make the frog jump higher.