Macro Ecomics, Introducing Luxury Cars in Brazil / Ireland

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We choose the branch of luxury cars (SUV's, 4WD), from the United States of America, because we think that the demand within the branch is very dependent on the economic situation within a country.

Since these 'luxury' cars, with brand names such as; Cadillac, Lincoln, GMC and so on, are expensive and only affordable for the upper-class people in a country, you need to make a well selection in the country you wish to import these cars to.

We chose 5 countries all over the world: Brazil, India, Ireland, Mexico and Russia. Most of them are stigmatized as 'poor' countries. But after doing some research we found out that there is a big part who could afford a car such as named earlier.

We hope to create and fill an open gap in the market in these countries.

Selection of countries

When you think of luxury cars, you immediately relate it to the country these come from.

Either a Mercedes Benz with the May Bach from Germany; or indeed an expensive luxury SUV car, such as the Cadillac Escalade, from the United States.

We chose to do the last one. Import luxury SUV cars from the States to one of these following countries. After doing enough research in the economic situation of less-known economies we thought it would be interesting and challenging to introduce luxury cars there.

At first we came across Brazil. Brazil has an economy and is developing on a very high rate and is even mentioned already as the new China. We saw this as our main opportunity to lay-off and start introducing luxury cars there.

We also came across Ireland. Ireland, at the moment one of the strongest economies within the European Union, would also seem very interesting. It has, most of the times, always...