The life and works of Nikola Tesla

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Nikola Tesla is basically a forgotten man, but during his life time he was much like MC Hammer; very popular and then everyone forgot about him. He was the man who invented many things that we see in our home today, such as; Fluorescent Light bulbs, radios, T.V.s, alternating current, and then the things outside of our homes; Hydrogenerators, wireless energy, oscillators, telegeodynamics, induction motors, helicopters, and of course... the Tesla Coil. Lets start from the beginning.

Nikola Tesla was born in Smiljan, Croatia in 1856; He was born unto a clergyman and an inventive mother. He was so smart that even learning six languages was cake to him. 1 "He studied at the polytechnic school at Gratz where he studied mathematics, physics and mechanics. While working in Budapest Hungary, he made his first electrical invention, a telephone repeater( a loud speaker). During his times in Budapest he conceived the idea of a rotating magnetic field, which later made him famous for his induction motor".

Now is probably the time to mention Tesla's mental abilities. He had a photographic memory, and 2 "Was able to use creative visualization with an uncanny and practical intensity." Says David Hatcher Childress. Tesla described in His autobiography 3 "how he was able to visualize any particular apparatus and was able to actually test run the apparatus, disassemble it, and check for proper action and wear. During the building of any project, he would always work with all of the blueprints in his head! The invention invariably assembled together without redesign and worked perfectly". How could he do this you may ask? 4 "Well Tesla could judge the dimension of an object to a hundredth of an inch and perform difficult computations in his head without ever using or looking at a slid-ruler or mathematic...