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Chronicle Office

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Dear Sir/Madam,

I am an adult in my 50's and have lived in Oldham since 1972. I am writing to say how much I agree with the 9pm curfew for under 16's after reading last nights Editorial. Over the years these yobs have been getting worse and worse. I am one of the many people who have to suffer because of these evil yobs. Almost every evening now a group of teens around 15 or 16 have been swearing out loud, drinking alcohol, smoking illegal substances and vandalising the area. I constantly have to ask them to leave but all I get is slurs thrown back at me. I've phoned the Police on a number of occasions and when they can be bothered to come to my house they never get to the youths because they're the gone by the time they get there.

Other times they don't seem to care.

I strongly believe we should launch the curfew in the Oldham area. Please put me and many other people out of our misery and let us sleep at night. In South London this system has made the areas a lot better as the place was once over ruled by vandalising yobs.

I also believe that a lot more people in the Oldham area are suffering badly from what these yobs do to our town. Oldham is a very mixed community which is why I chose to live here. Some areas in Oldham are very beautiful and should be kept that way but if we don't act now then these areas may not be kept to the condition they're currently in. People who I also believe suffer badly are the elderly. I have heard stories of OAP's being abused by these yobs. I have heard a story of an old woman who was walking out of Chadderton's ASDA branch in the evening at closing time in the Easter period when youths threw an Easter egg at her and in shock the old lady collapsed to the ground and had a heart attack. The elderly should have the right to walk the streets in the evening and not having to stay in doors in the summer evenings which will be here soon. The Council Estates where a lot of the Elderly live are terrorized by these yobs. I also feel like the curfew should launch now as the summer days are coming and the days will be getting longer.

I would also love it if a Council meeting was set to discuss the curfew. I would definitely join if it was the public. I think this Council meeting should be public so the abused and scared people of Oldham can get their point across to the Council. I will be keeping an eye on the Chronicle for the date. I just wish these yobs can go away before a death happens occurs as it has done in other areas. I would just like to say to all the people who are suffering out there that you aren't alone and if this Council meeting is held get down there and tell them how much you've suffered. I only wish that it goes ahead before its too late.

I'd like to thank all of the people who have read and agreed with my letter.