"Let It Pour: My First Assignment as Executive Assistant"

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The foundation and commitment of a business practice is to deliver a working product to the customer in a timely manner. As an information technology department, we strive to develop processes and procedures that make it possible to gather, analyze and incorporate given information that will facilitate efficient communication between our company and newly established external business partnerships. Ongoing external business partnerships have become increasingly critical to the continued success of the company. The ability to share information for the purpose of developing new and innovative medicines and treatments is at the core of the company's business model. A tighter product market coupled with increased competition, regulatory oversight and an ever increasing cost to bring a product to market has focused a great deal of attention on the success of external business partnerships.

My primary goal as executive assistant of the information technology department is to improve and maintain the core values that this company has established over the past one hundred years of its existence.

Providing health services to the community and retaining partnerships that share the same vision and values will better position us for a successful outcome in the future.

It has become increasingly obvious over the past two years that the current processes and procedures used to implement external business partnerships and maintain existing external business partnerships is failing to meet established requirements. By establishing more efficient procedures and practices and identifying new cost-based process efficiencies, we should be able to meet or exceed the business requirement and at the same time reducing the overall cost of operations going forward.

In surveying the current external partnership implementation procedure, as it pertains to the core business model, it has become evident that the process is lacking in efficiency in several key areas. This degradation in "quality of...