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"The Legend of Zorro" begins in 1850, during the vote to make California a free state into the union. Throughout the beginning of the movie there was an abundance of panning to show the polling place and the fight scene between Zorro and the villain. Panorama is used when Zorro leaves his house to go help the people and looks back at his house. The viewer is able to see the house and all the area around it. Close-ups were used for dramatic effect, especially on Zorro getting his legendary outfit on and in fight scenes, and on other actors during key fight scene. Even though the movie takes place in olden days, the director used special effects from computer enhancements, miniatures, and a trained horse. The horse adds a comedy relief amongst the drama unfolding in the movie. Special effects are used to bring a dramatic anxious feel.

The viewer is brought in and awed by the special effects.

The movie uses flash-forward, to three months later, to move the movie along faster, so the viewer does not get confused. Zooms and longshots are used to highlight what was going on in a particular scene. Propaganda was used by the French villain in his manipulation of the situation to destroy the U.S. by using nitro- glycerin. The movie brought all the key entertainment aspects to the viewer from the romance, dramatic scenes, comedy, and so on.