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Politicians and the Law-Making process are not responsive to the people. Things are too easily corruptible in our system of government. People aren't being represented because big businesses are flying them around the world, paying for their campaigns and putting their kids through college.

In the movie "Distinguished Gentleman", a con artist becomes a member of congress. He is thrown into a world of politics and coped meals. When Thomas Johnson was taken out to lunch, he tried to decide where he stood on many issues. He was being offered money from both sides of the issue. If the issue was Medicare prices, if he goes one way, the doctors and hospitals will give him money. If he goes the other way, then the senior citizens would pay him. Every issue was like that. He didn't make one choice without money being a factor. The American government cannot be run like that.

When Johnson tries to improve the quality of life for a community in Florida, he allowed himself to be bought off by the electric company. The power company's electric cables were causing cancer in children, but the CEO's and the investors knew it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to re-rout all the power cables, so they bribed the congressman instead.

After Johnson came out about the power lines and the corruption in the government, the CEO of the power company and Dick Dodgers, the corrupted politician had a private conversation which Johnson video taped. The CEO was there threatening to bring down Dick. He said that he paid thousands of dollars to his bogus charity, he bought 10,000 copies of his autobiography. Dick's wife redecorated his office, and he set up scholarships for his children. Anyway he could he made sure Dick was on his side. He would fly him around the world, and have gourmet chiefs cook for him, all free of charge.

What should be done is the government shouldn't allow gifts from outside businesses. We cant have all income form outside the party be eliminated, but the government should keep an extremely close eye on the money contributors. They should make sure they aren't getting anything back for this contribution. It may be their party that is in office, but they shouldn't get too much personal help. When people aren't given the opportunity to be corrupt, then they generally aren't. The only way to keep this government from following to roman society is to keep the politicians strait.

When people donate large sumes of money to a candidate, and they win, the contributor expects a favor. I think that people should just give to their party, to support the government instead of just trying to get ahead in the world. If there is a maximum put on the amount people can contribute, then they wont be able to ask for those favors. There are currently many ways around the laws already in place. A wealthy person who is interested in making some one owe him a favor will have his wife also donate money. This can be continued however with the persons child or infant can also donate a large sum of money. A person's whole family could donate to a politician. This loophole makes the law a moot point. They need to change the laws and bring balance and justice back into the government. The only way to keep rats from feeding to take away their food. The same thing with politicians. The only way to keep them honest is to take away their temptation.