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"Hey Chandler" Monica walked in as she slapped her husband a high five. "wanna see a movie with everyone tonight?"

" No sorry Mon, I got a ton of work to do tonight, Lord knows the company will shut down if I don't do my work"

"Chandler, you don't have to try to look all important around me sweetie"


"Alright" said mon, " im leaving bye chandler"

'Bye" chandler said as he mocked her


Phoebe walked into the movie theatre with the rest of the gang minus chandler. "I feel bad chandler couldn't come" she said. "I know" said Monica, " but what are you going to do right?"

"alright," whispered Joey to Monica and Pheebs, " we have to sit Ross and Rachel at opposite ends cause you guys know the just broke up right?"

' Oh my god REALLY?" Monica exclaimed sarcastically.

Joey replied seriously " yeah you remember the whole thing with Chloe.

And.... never mind we don't have time!"

Monica and Phoebe just sighed.

All of a sudden Rachel spoke for the first time since they got there, " where did Ross go?"

Everyone else looked around

" I don't know?" phoebe said, " I will go look for him.

So Phoebe set off and walked through the movie theatre looking for Ross.

Finally she returns, " Look who I found in Jurassic Park, he was trying to tell everyone that this could never happen." Remarked phoebe while holding on to Ross's shirt.

"Well it couldn't, I mean the time period of cretaceous and the..."

"OHHHH SHUT UP!" yelled Joey.


Chandler was in his room working hard when he heard the door open.

" Hey Mon, the rest of the guys with you"

No reply.

" Mon...honey?"

No Reply

"Mon?" he...