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~***Marilyn Monroe***~

Marilyn Monroe was a goddess of the silver screen. She held the glamour and celebrity of the golden age of Hollywood. She mesmerized the captive audience. Most of her movies were a number one box office hit. All women wanted to be like her and many men's mouth dropped when they saw her.

Norma Jean Baker was born to unwed parents. She spent a very inhappy childhood bouncing around among different orphanages and foster care homes. She found a neighbor to take her in at age six but yet was let down again. She was literaly dragged from home to home. then she was finally able to find a long lost aunt to care for her at age eleven.

At age sixteen, Norma Jean married Jim Doughtery. It was an arranged marriage, then she soon filed for divorce. She began to model, and her dream of being an actress was finally born.

She changed her name to Marlilyn Monroe and a star emerged.

She acted until she was thirty-six. She then died for a unknown reason still to this day. Mariyln Monroe was and still known as the greatest actress to have ever lived.