JP Morgan Chase, a company overview

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JP Morgan Chase is a premier financial company providing many across the United States and across the world. The entity JP Morgan Chase is a conglomeration of several financial companies. Together they service every aspect of the financial world, whether it is personal banking, commercial banking or credit card services. JP Morgan Chase is a top performer in both the United States and world financial markets. JP Morgan Chase is seen as a leader and innovator in it's credit card services, a feat that is accomplished by it's research in technology and consumer reports. JP Morgan Chase is no stranger to pleasing it clients. Prof of this is JP Morgan Chase's long standing in the financial markets dating all the way back to the days of Rockefeller, Carnegie and Hearst.

JP Morgan Chase is one of the oldest and most prominent banks around. Its history dates back to 1851 when the Chemical Bank of New York was founded by the New York Chemical Manufacturing Company.

The Chemical Bank of New York later separated from its parent company and grew through various mergers. The most notable merger was with the Texas Commerce Bank in 1986.

In 1996 the company acquired the Chase Manhattan Corporation and retained the Chase Manhattan name. The Chase Manhattan Bank was founded in 1955 by the merger of The Bank of Manhattan and the Chase National Bank. The Chase Manhattan Bank was the most prominent bank in the United States. It was later weekend by the real estate collapse in the early 1990's, thus it's acquisition by The Chemical Bank of New York in 1996.

Shortly thereafter the purchase of Chase Manhattan, the newly organized Chase Manhattan acquired JP Morgan & Co., and changed the companies name to JP Morgan Chase. JP Morgan & Co. was formed...