Joseph Armand Bombardier

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He was a true genius; Mr. Bombardier was one of Canada's most well respected inventors. On April 16th, 1907 the magnificent Joseph-Armand Bombardier was born with a gift for mechanics. He invented the Snowmobile called B7** in 1922. The snowmobile is a multipurpose vehicle that was basically designed to travel proficiently over snow. Bombardier was a very smart thinker. He always admired snow. He had no idea just how important his machine would become. You might wonder why he actually chose to invent the snowmobile. Well, Canada's weather wasn't really on Bombardier's side. Winter was very harsh so he decided to invent the snowmobile.

Bombardier also invented the famous Ski-doo. But he unintentionally introduced the snowmobile. Surprisingly, snowmobiling became Canada's first major sport, it followed the introduction of ice hockey in the late 1900's. Today, in Canada and the United States the Ski-doo is primarily used for fun. However, in the Netherlands the snowmobile is used in construction of dikes.

The Scottish people use the Ski-doo for laying pipelines. It is used to handle heavy rocks in Peru.

When Bombardier was a teenager he spent his long winters thinking about a vehicle that could travel over snow. In 1922, when he was 15, his father gave him an old model T-ford as a birthday present. He unassembled the motor and attached it to the framework of a normal 4 passenger sleigh. He installed a huge wooden aero plane propeller on the drive shaft behind the motor. He drove his unusual transportation through the main street of his hometown village in Quebec.

Armand Bombardier was a man with a big dream. He turned down repeated offers to sell his company to large American corporations. He wasn't going to let his company be taken away from him. In 1942, Mr. Bombardier went...