"John Ruskin": This is any essay examining what the artist John Ruskin quoted.

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"No person who is not a great sculptor or painter can be an architect... He can only be a builder. " John Ruskin

The quote and artist I chose to discuss is John Ruskin. The reason I chose the quote form John Ruskin is because, after researching John Ruskin, I found that John Ruskin was a very complex and interesting man to say the least. I believe John Ruskin was trying to say in his quote (No person who is not a great sculptor or painter can be an architect... He can only be a builder) that in order to be a successful artist there has to be a "basic" ability shown, a great comprehension of the subject, and a pure passion. By "basic" he means a true knowledge of the art process, what it means, the mechanics of art, etc. He believed, "That art is not a matter of taste, but involves the whole man; whether in making or perceiving a work of art, we bring to bear on it feeling, intellect, morals, knowledge, memory, and ever other human capacity, all focused in a flash on a single point.

Aesthetic man is a concept as flash and dehumanizing as economic man." This is true because it is all about the artists point he or she wants to portray to the viewer, and how the viewer takes in the message. John Ruskin also worked with fellow artist Rossetti, Millais (who married is ex-wife), Hunt, and others. He often criticized fellow artists who were flashy, flamboyant, and distasteful in his eyes. However, he believed that an artist must have great enjoyment and freedom when doing art as well as the basic concept, which can be applied into anything a person takes passion in or wants to succeed...