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We appreciate that selection, appraisal and disciplinary interview can be a daunting experience when there is a certain natural anxiety over the "unknown". We believe that the best way to combat this fear and to make you feel comfortable and confident is to provide you with information on selection, appraisal and disciplinary interview information.

This handbook has been devised to give you an understanding of the HR procedures, what our goals are and what we expect from you.

If you require further information on any of the areas covered in the handbook please contact your HRManager who will be more than happy to help.

Selection interview

Recruitment and selection are concerned with identifying and choosing suitable workforce that can meet the organization's human resource criteria. Although recruitment can be considered as the research for the ideal number and quality of employees that will fulfil the company's needs, the HR manager during the selection process, must predict which candidate is more competent for the organization.

The principal aim of recruitment is to choose the best candidates for employment who will in turn contribute to the company's successful operations.

On the worldwide base, there are many methods and stages of selecting people for a job but the interview remains the most commonly used method. It is usually conducted face-to-face and includes analyzing Applications Forms and CVs.

The purpose of the selection interview is:

- To predict the performance of the candidates in the job which they have applied and to assess them based on predetermined criteria.

- To give a full description of the job and the organization to the candidates so as to 'lead' them towards their decisions.

- To give the candidates the feeling of being treated reasonably during the interview.

Successful interview depend upon successful preparations. Time...