What Jack Merridew will become in today's world? And what is Ralph being portrayed as?

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Jack Merridew in "Lord of the flies" is being portrayed like a devil. His wickedness and behavior are clearly shown. He is an arrogant boy whose strict behavior intimidates others from the very beginning. Jack will do anything to achieve his goal, stopping at nothing. What better job can he be other than an army general in this today's world? Being an army general suit him perfectly since he is all about strict rules and behavior. He doesn't care about how people think of him as long as they respect him. The only method he knows is to get people to fear him. In the book, Mr. Golding describes him as a leader of the choir who's every word strike fear into the general population. He is already a "general" in the book, leading his group of hunters to kill pigs. From these examples, I conclude that Jack would be an excellent general if he were to be remained in a society in which his nature could be "canalized in a good direction."

There are many ways a person can be a hero; sometime it is the main character of the book, sometime it could just be an average person passing by. In Mr. Golding's book "Lord of the Flies", Ralph is being portrayed as a leader and a hero. In my mind as I read Lord of the Flies, Ralph seems like an ideal leader, but yet he lacks trait of what a good leader needs. Foremost is his lack of intelligent, in many cases, he looks toward Piggy for directions and answers. However, aside for that, Ralph is a good leader that keeps his group under control. Ralph not only understands people better than Jack but respect them. He makes simple rules to keep the boys...