Ipods should be banned from schools. Do you agree?

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In any Australian high school, there are about eight of ten students using iPods at school. To comment on this emerging issue, Bill Cook, a school council wants iPods to be banned from schools said: "No-one needs musical gadgets. Rather than spending money on an iPod for their children, parents would do better to give them a pencil case.". Similarly, I support the banning iPods out of school because in my opinion, Ipods could distract students, ipede their safety and prevent them communicating.

Firstly, using regularly Ipods in class, students may loose their studying effort and get unwanted result. With a small size, an Ipod can contain a thousand user's favorite songs. Consequently, students are always attracted by these musical gadgets and feel so bored while teachers are trying to transmit the necessary knowledge to them. As a result, students can't focus on the lessons as well as remember any thing which teachers haved tried to impressed.

Hence it's very hard for kids to review or do home work at home. And then, getting bad marks in exams is a possibility.

Similarly, children should be banned from brigging gadgets such as iPods into schools because they cause too much disruption and a persistent problem of low - level in discipline. For example, in my class, some naughty students have ignored the teachers by listening music until getting ditentions. Moreover, they were using Ipods as other students did the presentation. Although these kids were disciplined and they promised not to do it again the school's discipline has been broken.

On the other hand, Ipods easily encourage kids to be selfish and lonely. At recesses and lunchtimes, instead of eating and chatting with friends, students just sit alone, listen to music and don't care about any thing happening around. Therefore, in...