Investigation: How to investigate and methods.

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Aim: you need to say what you are going to do for example:

This project aims to find out why most people choose not to vote. The overall hypothesis is that, 'most people chose not to vote because they feel their votes don't make a difference'. In order to prove the hypothesis I be distributing twenty two questionnaires amongst people asking them why. The people chosen will be from all backgrounds also it will include both male and female.

Who you are going to target. For example

I will be analysing people who don't vote and why and people who do vote. I will also look at people who do vote, and investigate whether they feel their vote makes a difference or not. With this in mind I will look at whether people agree with the British Voting System or not.

How it will be done:

Lastly, I will look at why people feel their votes doesn't make a difference and what they feel could be done to make it more worthwhile.

How will it be presented?

My results will be presented in the form of charts, in analysing the prove hypothesis.