Inner-City Paint Corporation (Revised)

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Executive Summary

Statement of the Problem

What strategic step can Stanley Walsh make to improve the situation and reputation of Inner-City Paint Corporation?


To analyze Inner-City Paint Corporation's current situation.

To determine the company's strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

To make an industry analysis on Inner-City Paint Corporation.

To make a financial analysis of the Corporation.

To recommend alternatives that will determine the best solution to the given problem.


1. Management Improvement - Mr. Walsh should take up management degree. He needs to learn employee empowerment and delegation. He needs to learn employee empowerment and delegation. The plant manager needs to be trained on leadership since he has no experience in management. He should also start hiring a public relations specialist and a marketing specialist to improve on these two aspects of the business.

2. Facility Improvement - Equipment at Inner-City Paint is three large mixer, two smaller mixers, machines in the lab and the trucks.

Mr. Walsh should buy more equipment so that his consumers won't have to worry about their order not being ready. He has enough transportation Equipment. But he should buy some new mixer and more lab equipment. In order to acquire all of this he should take the loan.


I would recommend the first alternative which is to improve management. Mr. Walsh wasn't trained and didn't understand management. He could handle the company when it was small. He got lost as the Inner-City paint grew. If Mr. Walsh did some training, then the company probably wouldn't be in such a mess. He did understand how to expand the business and add employees were they are needed but he lacked giving trust to other people. With employee empowerment training he should be able to trust new employees. So with this alternative we can...