The Inca Civilisation

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Long ago an Indian civilisation of more than 12 million people stretched over 4000 kilometres down the west of South Africa. They survived over 500 years ago and were ruled by a people by the name Inca. They called their Empire Tahuantisyu; this meant 'the land of four quarters'. The land the Incas lived on what was made up of dry and lifeless desert that was near the coast, the snow covered peaks of the Andes, grazing lands of fertile valleys and tropical rainforests that gave life to the Amazon River. They spoke a language called Quechua and had there own sorts of dances, religions and ways of life compared to the Europeans. The Incas capital city was called Cuzco. It was situated in the Andes; this is where most of their world was built up. They never went too far in the jungle.

The Incas were hidden when they started off but within the twelfth century and early sixteenth century they expanded and had more land than any other Indian civilisation in South America.

They expanded form Ecuador to northern Chile. The Incas were ruled by what you call a proxy. After conquering groups of people, they would add local rulers into their system of government, reward anyone who fought for them well, and the ones who were conquered and cooperated were treated well. The Inca Empire isn't exactly an Empire. It was more of a confederation of tribes with a people that ruled over all and had more or less in control. Each of these tribes were ruled independently by a council of elders; the tribe was to give alliance to the leader, Inca. The "Inca" was divine; he was the descendant of the sun-god. He was called the Sapa Inca. When he died his body was preserved...