How is the importance of technology constructed in "Fast Food Nation" by Eric Schlosser?

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Technology, in my opinion is one of the biggest factors in the success of the fast food industry. Without technology it would simply not exist. The very production of fast food uses the latest technologies to speed the preparation process, from the robotic drink pourers to the computer screens assigning humans to their next task. The most ironic thing about it is, which Schlosser makes obvious in "Fast Food Nation" is that all the latest technologies in the world can not stop the worlds biggest killer. Schlosser uses an abundance of persuasive techniques, the most evident being the scientific evidence, expert opinions, omissions and appealing to the reader. He has also used language features which help to emphasize his points being conveyed - repetition and use of imagery being the strongest. In chapter three, Schlosser states that fast food is an impulse buy, which occurs when driving past huge illuminated signs.

Automobile technology has been exploited by the fast food companies which make it so convenient that you don't even have to leave your vehicle, which is too hard to resist. Schlosser's attitude is exposed when he uses the analogy on page 61 to describe the use of these signs as "much like a predator lures its prey." He also uses an expert opinion and scientific evidence to describe the way McDonalds uses technology to survey the sprawl of a city as "To spy on their customers with the same equipment used to fight the cold war." McDonalds uses technology even on their own workers, not just on their customers. Schlosser uses the experience of a previous employee to bring validity to his points. He explains that Brian Seale of the labour commission examined some old McDonald's job applications. He discovered the fine print on the bottom that...