Impact of Diversity and Demographic characterstics on Individual Behavior

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Each human being's personality is like a puzzle whose intricate pieces are character traits that are placed together to form a unique image. Some character traits are inherited such as gender, ethnicity, and the way a person looks. Others are formed by a person's environment like religious affiliation and value or attitude differences. All Characteristics function in various combinations to impact human behavior in different circumstances. The complexity of a person's behavior as seen through his or her actions or reactions in various situations is paradoxical. The same individual may react in a completely different way to the same situation at various times or places. Trying to decipher anyone's personality is like trying to count all the stars in the sky - virtually impossible.

Age may greatly influence the behavior of an individual. When a child is three he is still immature and if not given attention or satisfaction, be it a toy, a snack, or mommy's embrace, he might throw a tantrum.

Some teenagers try to test authority figures and push boundaries as the world seems big and full of possibilities and rules are encroachments on their purported freedoms. The older and more mature one becomes the more that individual learns to temper impulses to act out in an inappropriate way. Maturity leads to sounder judgment and adherence to social mores and rules in most situations. Maturity also breeds patience and the ability to critically analyze circumstances enabling a more learned approach to crises and everyday events.

Socioeconomic status can have a strong impact on the way a person behaves. Individuals with monetary means can afford to live in safer and prettier neighborhoods, wear newer and nicer clothing, buy the best in healthcare and education, and never have to worry about getting food to eat or other necessities...