Immigration Laws: Wrong or Right?

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The application of immigration law and policy within a state is a complex issue, the ideology that the state utilizes policy and law to exert a control measure over both internal and external populations is equally just, as is the argument that it is state sovereignty that, through application of enforcement, categorizes a diverse contingent of migrants into either legal or illegal immigrant groups. Again, these groups are subject to change with policy reform, and it is possible for an 'illegal' immigrant to become 'legal' with the application of policy reform. One of the primary groups vulnerable to state control through application of immigration laws and policies is that of the migrant worker. Although these large migratory flows are not new, the ever changing labor gaps they fill are highly dynamic, and in such, are highly fundamental to the control factor utilized by state policy in the control of immigrants both attempting and existing.

There has been a great deal of controversial issues regarding immigration laws and policies. This is due to the facts we are uncovering the undocumented immigrants and terrorists who resided in our country prior to September 11, 2001. Many of them were here legally, while others were here on expired visas. Furthermore, while many people feel that our immigration laws should be tightened, the fact is that the immigration laws we have in place today are often not enforced. At this time, realistically, regardless of our immigration laws, people who are vigorously determined, and who have the skills, will always be able to gain access to a country where they plan to perform terrorist activities. The point is that in order to protect our country, in more ways than one, we need to focus on the laws we have in place now, as they relate...