Husky Injection Molding Systems (Canada; machinery)

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As one of the world's premier manufactures of plastic injection molding equipments, Husky had experienced significant growth and profitability during the early 1990s. However, since 1995, competitors began to enter Husky's major markets with comparable quality products at a price that is much lower, meanwhile, their demand also decreased due to the shortage of resins. All in all, Husky was facing a series of serious trouble for the coming year. Hence, it was a critical moment for Husky to make wise decisions to respond to the challenges.

Husky's Corporate Strategy

Unlike other vendors of equipment, Husky promotes itself as "a supplier of complete factory solutions for the plastic industry". Hence, Husky provides the clients with additional products that would work with its molding machines, such as hot runners and robotics. In addition, Husky has a professional sales force that has a profound understanding about the industry and the product, and therefore is able to provide "complete factory solutions" for clients.

Finally, Husky has a set of value-added services to help clients setting up the systems from the very beginning. In a word, what Husky is doing is to have a professional crew to solve industrial problems, instead of just selling a single piece of equipment.

As a Canadian company, Husky derived more than 95% of its sales abroad due to the wide spread of Husky's sales force in 17 countries. Besides, technical centers in key locations provide local technical support and training. All these ensure that professional salespersons are supported by qualified technical personnel in terms of after-sales services, which goes along with the company's overall mission, to provide "complete factory solutions".

In making corporate decisions, Husky takes stakeholders, instead of shareholders, into consideration. Its business conduction reflects the concern of environment and employees, the value of hard-working and...