Hours That Passed!!

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Work of devils be but brief

When they do be in my thoughts

But hours as such be still

Excruciatingly bitter bought

For mine hither they into

My hearts most inner core

Reflections be diffracted as pass

They do through their fell hands

Thence my mind crawls and begs

Release from this wont to reprieve

Yet stay they may for scarred be the heart

And need is it of time for heal

Bit by bit with a bit it so shall mend

Till but a breath of it shall remain

Still your memories remain hereto ever

Clawing at your betrayal of my love

Did I not care of you enough?

For thy liking, I ask but of you

Was it but a fault of mine that made this

Harsh veracities come to pass?

Else was it but a fell thought as such I have

About me, else was it but another man?

Know I not what wrong I did to ask

Of you for its mend and excuse

Thus raise I not such a request to you

To absolve nor of you to resolve

But few words of parting I have for you

Love is still in my breath for thee

Save for this I have but past memories

Which with each breath shall be but waste

Therein forget I may you a little and hurt

Will wash away till it be but an itch that stays