Horror Movies: It is a journal about my opinions on "foreign spirits" and how this connects with the Christian world.

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Every vacation I look forward to becoming a couch potato and a victim of the 53-inch TV screen. I would press the remote control buttons and attempt to amuse myself with what the world has become. Many events seldom force me to endure my sympathetic feelings towards the disorderly world. But most of the time, I refuse to become an excessively sentimental person, for what can I do for them? I take advantage of this, because in my opinion, having no emotional feelings can be considered a physical high that requires nothing but a body to receive the phenomenal pulses.

Not only am I a victim of the 53-inch TV screen; I am also a long-term victim of horror movies. I enjoy the preternatural feelings while watching something so foolish yet so realistic. Many people ask me why I like to inject horrifying images in my head and feel good about it? I'd explain that the feeling is somewhat oddly breathtaking.

Everyone is psychologically different and interests varies a lot. However, one question that I fear to answer is "Have you ever seen a ghost?"

I have seen ghosts and disturbing images on television and in movies, many based on true stories; but have I ever encountered with one before? Yes, I have had contact with foreign spirits, perhaps, a few. There are negative effects and positive effects to watching horror movies. I have learned about many cults and evil doings that should be avoided at all times, but at the same time I am inviting them to be near me. Horror movies are dramatically influential; it can cause unknown sicknesses, insomnia, and long-term psychological effects.

I have encountered with friends who had suffered physically and spiritually after watching thriller movies. I believe that this is caused by...