History of the role of propoganda in Hitler's Germany

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According to Hitler, propaganda was made effective by controlling the masses. "The man who controls the masses, would control the state" Hitler began to implement this. Hitler believed to make propaganda effective it should be addressed to the emotions and not to the intelligence, and it should only concentrate on 'simple themes presented in black and white' . For Hitler's plan of propaganda to succeed he needed to "attract the crowd" , he had no use for the educated and upper class as he believed propaganda was not effective on them as they were already educated. "No use for the intelligentsia" . Hitler also believed that propaganda would work well if it did not contain long rambling articles, but instead it should focus on "short hyperboles" on patriotic themes such as "The Virus of Jewry" and the all important "Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Fuhrer" which propelled the Fuhrer to dictatorship.

Hitler had first become aware of propaganda and its uses before the beginning of World War 1. Propaganda was used in Nazi Germany to promote the Fuhrer legend. Josef Goebbels was head of the Propaganda department, he believed that the "modern dictator must at once be a superman" and a man of the people, "remote yet accessible, wise yet simple...ready to mix with the crowd , and of course "the simplest of people"

To the German people, Hitler was portrayed as a legend and a messenger of god. While promoting the Fuhrer legend, Hitler would often speak of his sacrifices "really an artist...architect" that had forsaken his muse to help the German people.

For Germany's sake he had learned to negotiate with all the statesmen of Europe. Propaganda was also used to create an enemy, Hitler and Goebbels broadcasted the movie "Jud Suss" in which a repulsive...