History of politics

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The oldest form of government came from tribal organizations. Then the Greeks developed democracy. The Greeks had a direct democracy. The Roman republic was the first bicameral legislative system, which divided power between the richer and the ordinary people. The Roman republic also introduced representative democracy. The Romans elected officers for a set number of terms. Democracy has been argued that it would only work unless classes no longer exist.

Skill for politics

The main skill that you need to be a politician is understanding. However you have to learn about the media. The media obscures detail and reality. At the moment the media is becoming a distortion of the news and information. Apart from that you have to always have to be careful of what you say since the media is always waiting for you to say one wrong thing. If you do say it the media would probably use it and make as much of a thing they can about it.

This could, if bad enough, make the party leader expel you. Being a politician you have to have persuasive speech, ethics, principle and convictions. However just persuasive speech, ethics, principle and convictions without knowledge would be entertaining but useful for improving anything. Going into politics without knowledge, that would just be like a 'talking head'.