Hilary Clinton and The American Dream

Essay by AnnaB6n6n6 October 2006

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At the core of one of the most powerful countries in the world rests a simple dream. Although this dream is almost 300 years old since its birth in the Declaration of Independence of 1776, it still puts a hunger in the eyes of the American people. This American dream was realized by Hillary Clinton, a woman who was able to take a lifetime and achieve spiritual, moral and materialistic happiness.

Hillary Clinton arrived at this materialistic happiness when she broke the invisible barriers of a political career predominantly run by men and become the first women ever to be elected as the First Lady in the United States of America. She occupied this position for a total of 12 years throughout which she co-founded and served on the board of various public service driven organizations. Through her vigorous efforts and strength of mind, she was able to achieve wealth and gain access into the public's eyes as one of the few women who ever gained a step hold in the world of politics.

An American dream is not complete in an individual who does not achieve a moral happiness and is able to contribute something back to the people. Through her career in politics, Hillary Clinton was able to influence issues regarding the support of women and children as well as increase public awareness through her position as the chairperson of the Task Force on National Health Care Reform. She expanded health insurance coverage, insured that children were properly immunized, and took the time to talk to doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals to determine what else could be done for her county. Hillary Clinton was morally happy in her life and was remunerated for her efforts with numerous awards, including the Martin Luther King, Jr. Award of...