Hewlett Packard - Economic Business Profile: A Historical Timeline, Production Line, Profit, Future Plans, Locations, Headlines And Awards

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A Brief Historical Timeline (1940 - Present)

Hewlett-Packard Company is founded January 1, 1939. Products from the fledgling company win excellent acceptance among engineers and scientists. "How" the company should grow is as hotly debated as "how much" the company should grow. HP hammers out its corporate objectives -- the basis of its special management philosophy and the core of the HP Way. The company goes public in 1957. In keeping with Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard's respect for workers, HP takes the then-unusual step of giving stock grants to employees. HP continues its tradition of innovation with the introduction of a new array of computing products. Foremost among them is the HP-35, the first scientific handheld calculator, which ushers in a new era of portable, powerful computing. HP also links computers with its electronic instruments and medical and analytical products, making them faster and more powerful. HP is one of the few companies in the world to successfully marry the technologies of measurement, computing and communication.

For most of the decade, HP enjoys growth rates of 20 percent. On May 3, 2002, HP completes its merger transaction with Compaq Computer Corp., the largest tech merger in history. The new HP is a leading global provider of products, technologies, solutions and services to consumers and business. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, personal computing and access devices, global services, and imaging and printing.

Production Line

Hewlett Packard manufactures many products:

Computers- desktops and notebooks

Computer accessories







Projectors and much more.


HP is a technology solutions provider to consumers, businesses and institutions globally. The company's offerings span IT infrastructure, global services, business and home computing, and imaging and printing. For the four fiscal quarters ended July 31, 2006, HP revenue totaled $90.0 billion.

PERIOD ENDING 31-Jul-06 30-Apr-06 31-Jan-06 31-Oct-05

Net Income 1,375,000 1,899,000 1,227,000 416,000

Operating Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In

Depreciation 598,000 596,000 563,000 545,000

Adjustments To Net Income 171,000 314,000 380,000 1,502,000

Changes In Accounts Receivables 226,000 (1,055,000) 1,193,000 (1,129,000)

Changes In Liabilities 657,000 861,000 (1,525,000) 894,000

Changes In Inventories (732,000) (85,000) 89,000 (260,000)

Changes In Other Operating Activities 334,000 1,104,000 (81,000) (82,000)

Total Cash Flow From Operating Activities 2,629,000 3,634,000 1,846,000 1,886,000

Investing Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In

Capital Expenditures (623,000) (521,000) (427,000) (522,000)

Investments 11,000 10,000 8,000 114,000

Other Cashflows from Investing Activities 171,000 13,000 (548,000) (226,000)

Total Cash Flows From Investing Activities (441,000) (498,000) (967,000) (634,000)

Financing Activities, Cash Flows Provided By or Used In

Dividends Paid (222,000) (226,000) (227,000) (229,000)

Sale Purchase of Stock (1,758,000) (813,000) (2,476,000) (1,315,000)

Net Borrowings 149,000 (57,000) (218,000) (242,000)

Other Cash Flows from Financing Activities 1,592,000 58,000 65,000 -

Total Cash Flows From Financing Activities (239,000) (1,038,000) (2,856,000) (1,786,000)

Change In Cash and Cash Equivalents $1,949,000 $2,098,000 ($1,977,000) ($534,000)

Future Plans

"HP does not disclose product-introduction plans and dates; short- and long-term market strategy or customer lists; sales, marketing and pricing plans; information about market share, market strategy or marketing plans other than what has been publicly discussed." Currently there are no new products, or future plans.


Worldwide Corporate Headquaters

Hewlett-Packard Company

3000 Hanover Street

Palo Alto, CA 94304-1185 USA

Phone: (650) 857-1501


Enhanced Payments Technology from HP Helps Financial Institutions Identify New Revenue Streams Oct.3rd 2006

PepsiCo International Taps HP for Global Technology Infrastructure Management Oct 3rd 2006

HP Energizes Enterprise Imaging and Printing Growth with Revitalized Sales Approach, Expanded Portfolio Sept 29th 2006

Statement by Mark V. Hurd, HP Chairman and CEO Sept 28th 2006

HP Announces Press Briefing on Board Leak Investigation Sept. 21st 2006


* #1 globally in the inkjet, all-in-one and singlefunction printers, mono and color laser printers, large-format printing, scanners, print servers and ink and laser supplies*

* #1 globally in x86, Windows®, Linux and UNIX servers*

* #1 in total disk and storage systems*

* #2 globally in notebook PCs, Pocket PCs, workstations and blade servers*

* Awarded Outstanding Customer Service for Consumers**

* company to appear in the top 10 of the Accountability Rating developed by AccountAbility and csrnetwork.

* #1 in computer and peripherals industry for intangible value analysis reporting -- including governance, human capital and emerging market issues -- by Innovest Strategic Value Advisors, Inc., a leading independent research firm for the SRI community. HP ranked fifth for environmental reporting.

* #1 position in server brand loyalty for ProLiant servers***

* Listed on all four FTSE4Good Index lists -- U.S., Global, UK and Europe -- which rate the performance of companies meeting globally recognized corporate responsibility standards.

* HP ranks A+ for management of investment risks arising from material, environmental, social, employment and ethical impacts by Core Ratings.

* #8 in the first global index that evaluates how well the world's 100 largest companies account for their impact on society and the environment. HP is the only U.S.

* #10 globally and #1 in the U.S. in Environment, Social Impact Ratings by The Economist

* Refers to revenue, except storage referred to in units. Source: IDC Q3 2005.

** Source: J.D. Power and Associates, November 2005

*** Source: Technology Business Research, Inc., Q3 2005