A Hero's Story

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I picked up the bulky rock with my filthy hand and sent it soaring through the murky luster. Bang! Window pieces shattered entirely all over the place. Right then, I knew I was in serious trouble. In "A Hero's Story,'' a young man is forced to face a difficult problem in his life. As the man was at war, he made a promise to an unknown soldier that he would go to Texas for him and tell his wife that he was still thinking of her and the girls when he died. Just like the character in "A Hero's Story," I had to face a problem I was afraid of.

The neighbor's window was thrashed and I had arrived only ten minutes ago at my Uncle's house. What was I going to tell him when he arrived from work? Let alone, what was I going to tell the neighbor who I had found out moved in less then a week ago? Quickly, I ran to see if any cars were in the driveway or any dogs loose in the neighbor's backyard.

There wasn't, so I ran and jumped their fence and picked up as many pieces of glass as I could and tossed them in a nearby trashcan. What were the neighbor's going to think of my Uncle? Thoughts kept running through my head and I began feeling dizzy and light-headed. I could feel blood elevating through my body.

I managed to make it back to my Uncle's house and passed out on the couch. When it seemed like I was sleeping for days, I was awakened by the loud sound of my Uncle's door shutting. Quick foot steps echoed distinctly through the large house. I had to tell my Uncle before he would find out himself about the disaster...