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In the 3rd Century B.C., China is divided into seven warring kingdoms, fighting ruthlessly amongst themselves for complete control. The Kingdom of Qin is the most determined of all, its ambitious King obsessed with conquering China and becoming her first emperor. As a result, he is the target of a number of assassins from the other kingdoms, including the legendary Broken Sword, Flying Snow, and Sky. The King offers a huge reward to anyone who could defeat the three assassins, but for ten years no one comes close, until a Nameless warrior arrives at the palace bearing the weapons of slain assassins.

Nameless is then allowed an audience with the king himself, to tell the tale of how he defeated the most feared assassins in all of China. The action then starts with nameless 1st tale of how he defeated Sky then used the proof of his weapon to set Snow and Broken sword against each other.

As this 1st tale is told u realize the beauty and flowing perfection of all the martial arts scenes. But the thing that sets this movie apart from anything I have ever seen is the colour themes which are absolutely stunning. The 1st tale is draped in all red, probably because Nameless is lying, every detail is red down to the clothing. After Nameless is finished the the false tale the Qin king isn't deceived at all he then tells Nameless what he thinks really happened.

The King tells a story, draped in blue, which is very close to the truth he only misses 1 point he believes Nameless is there to kill him and is resigned to the the fact when Nameless tells him the complete truth, draped in white with green flashbacks, that Broken Sword tried to stop him from killing the Emperor. The King dictates he can die in peace knowing that someone who once tried to kill him finally understands what he is trying to do. The King is a tyrant who has committed acts of genocide and civil war but, Broken Sword understood his logic as the King is trying to unite china under one rule and end this violence and become one people. Nameless then nameless then walks out of the palace to be cornered by the palace guards, the king hesitates to kill the hero because he is spared his own life and is one of the few people who understand his reign.

This film was an adventure of epic proportions, from the unique colour scheme to the fantastic action scenes finishing with a powerful message of unity and peace. The music in this movie wasn't up to par with the visual and the characters were a bit shallow and emotionless but, all in all the movie is excellent and a must see. For a movie with no English language in it Hero is one of the best Chinese movies I've ever seen.