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The wonders of hemp. none received yet


As we enter a new millennium, we find ourselves reevaluating the paths we've chosen and the decisions we've made. Have we made the best with what we've got or are we stumbling in the dark? How many gaps riddle the blanket of our knowledge?

The problem lies in how we make sense of where we're heading. Do we choose the path of economics and progress or do we choose the path of environmentalism and sustainability? Is there a median available for us to take where the greens of economy and environment are balanced or are we doomed to blindly continue the path of short-term gain and comfort . . . living out a flawed paradigm?

Canada is a prime example of a country that is continually weighing its power and influence on the natural and manmade worlds. We've found ourselves sitting on the global fence between our magliomaniacal brother to the south and our staunch traditionalist motherland to the east.

From this division of powers and alliances we find ourselves locked into a self-induced ignorance and stifling conservatism. It's ironic that we have the opportunity to solve most of Canada's critical environmental issues in one fell swoop . . . with one simple plant. It is ignorance and the maintenance of the status quo that has blinded and crippled our ability to realize this resource.



A plant exists that is so strong that it can be grown without requiring chemicals in almost every part of the world. Many have touted this plant as a possible way in which to wean society from its dependence on fossil fuels for energy and the need to log forests for pulp, paper and wood. It is even said that this plant could adequately clothe...