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When healthcare and religion are mentioned together many people get confused. The connection is vague, to say the least. There are many religions that oppose certain healthcare procedures because of what they believe. The Catholics are a group that is very vocal about which procedures they are against; one of their main fights is against abortion. Another group that has some procedures they are against is the Jehovah's Witnesses; they refuse to accept blood transfusions. The Southern Baptists are also against abortions.

The Catholics are in an ongoing fight against abortion. The Catholic religion says that any life is one that God wanted to exist. So even if a girl doesn't mean to get pregnant, she still shouldn't get an abortion because God wants that child to live. The Catholic leaders are working this fight in many ways. They are fighting strongly against the new morning-after pill, called RU-486 (no author 1030).

The Catholics also have healthcare facilities all around the country; they are using these facilities to promote their beliefs. A new hospital in Enid, Oklahoma, a combination of Integris Bass Baptist Health Center and St. Mary's Mercy Hospital, will no longer offer tubal ligations for women after they give birth. This is because the hospital is following the guidelines set by the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Healthcare Services. These directives are guidelines that help doctors and hospitals determine which medical procedures conform to the church teachings. There is also a managed-care plan, Catholic owned, that will not cover or make referrals for many reproductive health services, such as contraception (Brandon 1). The Catholic religion is doing a lot to promote its beliefs and to try and convince others to follow their beliefs.

Another group that has a strong opposition to certain procedures...