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In this particle proposal, the researchers wanted to add more to the research and evaluate the affects of Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction in women with Breast Cancer. They found that there were important psychological factors that played a big role in what people go through during cancer treatment that were never investigated prior to this study. These factors include stress and anxiety, and mental adjustment and locus of control.

Researchers felt that if they were able to reduce stress and change mental adjustments they would be able to help the patients deal with their treatment more smoothly. To accomplish this they wanted to incorporate meditation techniques into their daily lives. Meditation has been effective in reduction of anxiety and stress symptoms and in improving mood states.

To measure the psychological factors that were being studied, they used three different scales of measurement ranging from the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory, The mental Adjustment in Cancer Scale, and Multidimensional Health Locus of Control

Scale. These questionnaires were giving to all of the participants which was a sample of women raning in age and very heterogeneous in terms of diagnosis time and treatment.

In the end, they found that Meditation was effective in reducing stress and anxiety and was able to change attitudes in mental adjustment to more optimistic outlooks. This was accomplished by sending women for 8 weeks of treatment on learning different meditation techniques that they were able to gradually work into their daily lives and do on their own without instructions. In addiction, in the follow up study the majority of women were better adjusted in dealing with their cancer treatment or remission and were still doing forms of mediation such as yoga and body scan techniques.

I chose this empirical research article because I felt that it was one of...