Health and Wellness, Mental and Emotional Health, Respect and Non-Violence, Nutrition and Fitness, Addiction, Human Sexuality

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Health and Wellness

Health and Wellness generally have synonymous meanings. The whole of these two subjects can be summarized into: Services focused on promotion or maintenance of good health rather than correction of poor health. Wellness programs often offer regular screening clinics for blood pressure and other health issues and health education. A healthy body becomes very advantageous to a person. Possessing a physique that is in optimal condition allows one to easily complete tasks that may seem daunting for a person who is not so healthy. Some examples of situations like these are: not being able to get through tight spaces because your body is too large, moving slowly, becoming tired very quickly, and not being able to drive a compact sports car. One should educate thyself upon the principles of wellness in order to become sufficiently capable of making a wise decision when the time comes. Someone who is determined to become healthy should be well versed in subjects such as: Mental and Emotional health, respect and non-violence, nutrition and fitness, controlling addiction, and human sexuality.

One must remember that wellness is not only the optimal condition of the body, but also of the mind. Many physical problems can be solved through the mind, your mind's thoughts and decisions are often expressed through the appearance of your body.

Mental and Emotional Health

Recently, depression rates have been soaring. More people are succumbing to all the anti-depression medication commercials and accepting that they are depressed. Ironically, alongside of depression, obesity rates are also dramatically rising. What does this mean? Depression and obesity are two devils working hand in hand to make people unhealthy. In many cases, humans may eat to suppress their hunger; in turn, humans may become depression due to the appearance of their body. This creates a...