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Living in the Faroe Islands means that you have experienced Greenpeace in action. It also means that your opinion regarding Greenpeace is not as positive as it might have been, without the influence of your fellow countrymen.

"Credit, where credit's due". Greenpeace has done a magnificent work when it comes to preserving our environment, even though their methods are questionable and sometimes rude and immoral.

From Greenpeaces campaigns against the Faroe Islands, where pilot whale hunting has been the subject, we know them and their methods of argumentation to be detestable. Pictures and video-recordings were manipulated with and information, that we can only laugh at, were feeded to the public.

The questionable procedures that have been used in the campaigns against the Faroe Islands however is not a general perspective of Greenpeace and their actions. But the keyword for Greenpeace and what is common for almost every venture that Greenpeace takes, is that they are active.

Greenpeace does not believe in bureaucracy, and is that something that we should respect. Taking on a action for Greenpeace sometimes means that you have to break the law or at least bend it a little.

In USA where they protested against some factories which deliberately lead their toxic waste to lakes nearby, Greenpeace sealed the pipes, from which the toxic waste was coming from and furtermore the activists refused to leave.

A up-to-date example could be Mururoa, where the French government held a series of underground nuclear tests and banned all nearby sailing activities meanwhile. Greenpeace had no hesitation, sailed right to Mururoa and stayed there until they were forced to leave by a commando squad.

Even though straight on action, seems to be their game, Greenpeace also has it's own research center, from where the ozone-friendly refrigerators was...