"As Good as it Gets"

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In the move "As Good as it Gets" are many interpersonal relationships that are going on with the lead character played by Jack Nicholson. In this essay I am going to discuss and analyze the relationships between Melvin, his neighbor who is a homosexual, Simon Bishop. Also there is a relationship between Melvin and his neighbor's friend Frank Sachs. The last relationship is the most interesting and powerful, Melvin and the dog.

In the move Melvin is against homosexuality and he is always abusing Simon, because of his sexual orientation, homosexuality and he uses heterosexual language. This show how inappropriate is homosexuality. Moreover, it upsets gay and lesbians. In this situation, Melvin have chosen to say a couple of critical statements about the neighbor's orientation and he even predicted Simon that he will cruelly suffer in hell.

The language and self-talk that Melvin is using toward Simon scares Simon and makes him feel worsless while also bringing down his morals.

Melvin over and over gain tells Simon that his way of living is wrong and Melvin's is right. In terms of effective interpersonal relationship this form of self-talk and criticism is wrong and extreme and leads to disconfirmation toward Simon, for Melvin's imagined attitude toward homosexuality and not his human worse (Beebe, et al 48).

Near the end of the movie Simon has realized that he has no money and has nowhere to live. So Simon must try to call his parents and ask them to help him with money, but Simon and his parents do to talk to each other for a long time. At this point, Simon faces a lot of communication-apprehension (Reducing Communication Barriers 2) towards his parents, and the financial issue and his future without money, leads Simon's interpersonal relationship with main character, Melvin change to...