Go For a Walk!

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Walking is the most basic type of transportation. We all walk everyday but do not know the advantages of it towards our body and mind. Everyday, we walk from place to place. What's dramatically true is that we even walk in our homes. From the living room to the kitchen, to the comfort room, to our dining table . . . We walk everywhere! Walking has an advantage to the body and mind. In Benedicto's article (2005), she merely explained these advantages.

Walking promotes lesser sickness (Benedicto, 2005). It prevents osteoporosis which is a disease that most old people could have. Preventing this disease in an earlier time is better than facing it when it is there. Walking also lessens blood sugar. Some people try a lot of unusual things to drop their blood sugar. Why not try walking - a normal thing we do? Walking improves sleep. Sleeping adequately is very important to our body.

It keeps us alert and mentally active. And finally, walking supports weight loss. Loosing weight is a difficult task for fat people. If they would know that walking would be of great help to them, they could save all their effort and money.

Walking, at the same time, can also relief anxiety and tension. (Benedicto, 2005). "Researchers at the University of Southern California reportedly found that a 15-minute walk brings relief from anxiety and tension than a mind tranquilizer" (Benedicto, 2005). So why not walk than use the unnatural way of relief? It saves money, and it is natural!

"Brisk walking or fast walking for 10 minutes everyday can drop your risks of having diseases." (Benedicto, 2005). Yes it drops the risks, but it would be very tiring. If you would walk fast for this benefit, why not jog? Walking fast in streets can...