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Problem Solution: Global Communications

Problem Statement

Global Communications will become the World's Most Respected Leader in the telecommunications industry by providing extraordinary customer service globally and the best high-tech products and services.

Global Communication Issues

Communication gaps with leadership, employees and the union.

Job insecurity.

Employee Morale

Language barriers with outsourcing to India and Ireland

"End-State" Vision

Improved profits through cost saving measures.

Improved employee and union relationships.

New products and services by partnering with wireless and satellite providers.

Increased market share.

Seen as a leader in the industry Globally.

Alternative Solutions

Outsource internationally.

Implement a no lay-off policy.

Partner with other companies to increase their customer service.

Optimal Solution

Global Communications is to outsource to increase their customer service internationally.

Implementing the Solution

Within the 1st year

Increase marketing and sales - Chief Marketing and Financial Officer

Open outsourcing sites in India and Ireland.

Within three years

No lay-off policy created.

New Salary and Benefits package.

(Both handled by Chief Human Resource Officer.)

Evaluating the Results

Financial Data Reports

Employee Engagement Surveys


Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Global Communications is firm about meeting their end-state goals. They have realized the obligations they have to the stakeholders, management and employees. Improved employee morale, increase in revenue and profits, being on top of the market and increasing their customer service internationally will be reaffirmed by the audits and financial reports.