In General, People Are Living Longer Now: Discuss The Causes Of This Phenomenon.

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I do not agree with that statement although at face value all the prerequisites for a longer life-expectancy exist nowadays. We live in a high-tech world where our life is facilitated no end. Numerous gadgets make our existence easier. The achievements of medicine are enormous and practically few diseases are fatal.

However, the life that people lead, despite all the advanced technologies, harms them. The rat race for a promotion, a higher salary and a higher position in the community results in stress. People, nowadays, forget to take a break and relax, to entertain themselves. To get free from pressure people instead of trying to relax, to have fun they start to smoke, drink and acquire other unhealthy habits. This does not do them any good - on the contrary, it makes them feel even worse. In addition to all the stress now they also have health problems.

There are plenty of examples which show us that the life we lead is unhealthy and ages us.

Street traffic is not that safe anymore. People do not take time off to practise sport. Instead they eat fattening food, sleep less, entertain less. All the nervousness, all the greed turn people into criminals. With the lack of security we put ourselves in danger, at risk of destroying our future.

All the beauty of life now is gone. While trying to make our existence easier we have forgotten the simple things in our lives. Yes, we all have microwaves, computers, plasma televisions but it seems that they do us more harm instead of helping us to live longer and happier. People do not live longer now, people do not enjoy a healthier lifestyle and the worst thing is they do not realize that.