Gender Bias in Math, Science, and Technology

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In today's society there are many stereo-types that exist. These stereo-types affect many groups. These groups can be based upon age, race, income, and gender. Particularly, women have had extreme difficulty overcoming stereo-types placed against them. Women have had to fight against a foundation of a country that claims to protect them. Women have overcome many issues; however, there is one major issue that prevails today. Females are at a major disadvantage in today's education system specifically concerning the areas of math, science, and technology due to the traditional, stereo-typical mindset that these subjects are career choices are for males.

Much of this disadvantage that females face comes from the education system itself. Schools today fail to negate the myth that science, math, and technology are primarily for males. Many schools fail to provide adequate classes that fulfill each gender's needs. For example, many elementary schools spend twice as much time teaching language arts as they do educating students in the areas of math, science, and technology.

One reason for this is that more classroom time is needed to assist the males to become equal to the females in the area of verbal and written abilities. In conjunction with this, females receive less active and less direct teaching because so much time is spent working the males. Elementary educators consist of women, women who have been raised to believe the stereo-types, who have no interest in the areas discussed. Continuing into the later years of a female's education they are often times discouraged from taking important math and science prerequisites. Often times this is because of a counselors own stereo-typical belief that these fields are primarily for males. As a society we suffer due to the lack of a female population in these fields.

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