Gandhi vs. Martin Lluther King

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Self Reliance

The Concord Hymm

"Round The World"

The shot that began the Revolutionary War was symbolically heard "round the world", Emerson, a famous American poet, wrote a poem about the battle at Lexington:

By the rude bridge that arched

The flood,

Their flag to April's breeze


Here once the embattled framers


And fired the shot heard round

The world.

By this Emerson meant that the American Revolution signaled the birth of American freedom. From this shot would come a fight for liberty that the whole world watched with interest and from this shot would come the only creation of a new country which would play a great part in the world history, because that one shot changed history, it came to be called the shot heard round the world".

Two events that I think that have affected people all around the world is the deaths of Mahatma Gandhi, and Martin Luther King, Jr., both raised their voices for freedom without non - violence.

Gandhi's advocacy of non-violence, known as ahisma (non violence), was the expression of a way of life implicit in the Hindu religion. Gandhi held, Great Britain too would eventually consider violence useless and would leave India. Gandhi pleaded with Hindu's and Muslim's to live together peacefully. On January 30th, as Gandhi was on his way to his evening prayer meeting, he was assassinated by a fanatic Hindu. Gandhi's death was regarded as an international catastrophe. His place in humanity was measured in terms of the 20th century, but in terms of history.

Same goes for Martin Luther King Jr., who was one of the most visible advocates of nonviolence and direct action as methods of social change. He depended on his understanding of theological scholarship and explored Mahatma Gandhi's non-violent strategy...