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Since the beginning of marketing era marketing was viewed as moment in a process when the product was actually sold. Later on business people have found that the most successful products and services are the ones that have been carefully tuned to the needs of customers. Modern marketing approach is not just about 'selling the product' but rather about indirect delivering to people the meaning of their lives and who they are. Meaning is not something that develops consciously, thus well thought-out marketing strategy helps to attract customers' attention, understand their mind and/or help to express themselves better.

Though the modern approach in marketing places customer in the first place; marketing is not just about brining customers satisfaction but it also must bein a profitable for company way. In view of that, marketing appears to be necessary for both customers (help them to meet their needs and bring delight) and companies (generate profits).

According to recent surveys, customers have somewhat unfavorable attitude towards modern marketing practices. Harming effect reflects in high prices, deceptive information, excessive pressure selling and others. So it appears that consumers want companies to be less marketing driven. The same time from company's perspective, marketing does not complicate their operation, on contrary, in today's highly competitive market it would be impossible for the enterprise to operate successfully and generate profits. Giving a customer complete freedom to choose without informing them at all or informing them less than the competitor does, will inevitably lead to competitor winning their attention. Ben & Jerry and Body Shop can be used as an example of lacking marketing strategy and 'principles before profits' approach. Since the beginning Ben & Jerry used to run business with the mission to make the world better place. Instead of spending money on marketing and advertising, the...