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I am the most important ingredient in this recipe of life. Lacking my taste, the result is not full of flavour and appetizing. I am the paint which colour your life. I am vital just like water. I can be born, grow and die repeatedly, I am immortal.

Love and respect are my two dearest sisters. Without their contribution, it would not be possible for me to carry out my function properly. When life seems to hit hard and problems arise I show concern, give attention, be the voice of understanding and a listening ear. I offer help and support, courage to keep going and good advice in order to illuminate the dark shadows. These times are tests where I prove myself and expose widely my true mission.

I strongly embrace you not to become victims of solitude. I provide you with someone to share time with, share the similarities and accept the differences.

Someone to relate to, to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on and above all, I offer care and protection. Communication is a quality that fosters me. It motivates me and keeps me alive. On the other hand, lies discourage my interest. When I get old and rich, apart from knowing the simple daily circumstances, I would know the most personal experiences, secrets and dreams. These are bound by trust just as a long chain fastened with a lock.

However, I do not bring about just joy and happiness but I can bring about tears and anger too. The latter, typical emotions are mostly felt when betrayal, egoism or jealousy are given more importance. They take my place and instead I am put aside. I am very fragile and easily shattered. As a result, these adversaries often destroy me. Though in few cases, forgiveness is more...